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How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

True story: In 2009 for my high school senior superlative, I was voted most likely to invent the world’s strongest hand sanitizer 😂. See proof:

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March 2023

By Samara Perchick

I felt like I needed to preface this blog post with that tidbit of Samara info because I am obviously neurotic about the cleanliness of my brushes and makeup and I TOTALLY understand that not everyone is or should be as crazy as I am.

But generally, I suggest washing your brushes with some kind of soap 1-2x a month. If you notice your brush isn’t applying product to your face as well as it used to, wash your brush. If you last used an eyeshadow brush with grey or brown shadow and now want to dip it into pink, wash it first (or buy a new brush). If your brush predates the first Sephora store, throw it out!!!!!!! And then book a NGA lesson where I will recommend lots of fantastic new brushes for you to use. 

If you want to see how I clean my brushes, click here to go to my highlights on instagram