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What to expect during your first Natural Glow Academy lesson?

As you might have seen from my instagram page, I've become known for my ✨natural glow✨ style makeup application: effortless, radiant, glowy, and most importantly, never cakey. My main goal as a makeup artist is for all of my clients (special events and students) to look in the mirror and recognize their reflection, but feel like an elevated, polished, natural glowy version of themselves.

My NGA (Natural Glow Academy) students come to me at ALL skill levels and I will meet you wherever you are on your makeup journey. All 1:1 lessons are done out of my in-home studio (27613). For security reasons, the address will be sent to you once the deposit has been made.

Upon arrival, we will go through the makeup and brushes you’ve brought with you and we’ll determine together the products I will incorporate into the lesson. If you are bringing brushes to your lesson, it is important that those brushes are clean as I won’t be able to use brushes with leftover color and product residue.

Coming into my makeup studio is like walking into a mini Sephora. But, unlike shopping at a cosmetics store where employees might have hidden agendas, I simply suggest products that I love and have thoroughly vetted. I use what I feel is the best on the market in each category whether it’s high-end or drug store, clean beauty or conventional. When you come to my studio, it’s like getting to try and play with a curated assortment of products and tools that are perfect for achieving that ✨natural glow✨ look. 

Once you hop in my makeup chair, I will give you a handheld mirror (I have lots of different kinds…lighted, magnified, regular, you name it 😉) and explain the structure of an NGA lesson: I will do one step on one side of your face followed by me watching you do the same step on the other side of your face, making adjustments and tweaks as I see fit. This back and forth will continue for the entirety of the lesson.

The lessons are designed to teach you the process of creating a✨natural glow✨ look that can be worn day or night. If you want to learn how to amp up the look for nighttime or special events or if you have a specific outfit in mind, it is best to book a follow-up lesson after your initial 1:1. 

Within 48 hours after your lesson, you will receive a comprehensive email detailing every step of your routine with links to each and every product used. These emails take me a solid 1-1.5 hours to write (I can’t copy and paste because the steps and products are never the same for each client) so please be patient as you refresh your inbox. It will also have a personalized notecard attachment for you to print out and keep in your makeup bag (or wherever you do your makeup) with a ‘spark notes’ numbered guide to your makeup routine (see example below).

It’s taken years to perfect the structure of my Natural Glow Academy lessons and I believe the value lies in the top level instruction and attention. I can’t wait for everyone to experience the magic of their own ✨natural glow✨.

natural glow academy

March 2023

By Samara Perchick